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Adele Leroy

St Andrew’s Local Market

St Andrew’s Local Market


For this project I would like the focus to be on new ideas of how we source our food and help people see that local consumption of produce is better than worldwide consumption.

This project will help to raise awareness and help people have a grasp of how their carbon footprint can effect our world. By shopping here we can help the environment but also keep the money in within our community.

The objective of this project is to show people of the neighbourhood and the city what is around them. By inviting local suppliers, people will see more of their community while being be able to share and have discussion with the producer to understang and know where their food came from.

I will turn this old printing factory into a place for sharing and exchanging food and know-how. The first aim of the space is for it be a food market with fresh and local products. A restaurant based on food up-cycling will be created and will use the damaged and leftover food from the market. This help create a closed loop of produce and deminished undeeded waste within the space. Furthering this point, I would like to make the space self-sufficient, for exemple the restaurant to buy their bread from the bakery and food from the farmers selling at the market. The bakery buying eggs and flour from the market, etc.

To invite the local populous into the spqce a bakery and café will work together to produce bread and patisseries at the enterance.

By it size and aesthetic this building is perfect for the project I would like to develop. It perfectly fits to the typology of an inside market and it’s location will be adeventageous for the people of the surrounding communities.

Local market

Axonometric of the building

the entrance

mezzanine of the café

the restaurant

mezzanine of the restaurant