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Ailsa McClymont (she/her)

INviro – Bringing the outdoors IN

INviro – Bringing the outdoors IN

In my final year I looked to combine my passion for community design along with the importance of nature into a project surrounding the improved indoor library environment. Libraries have played a crucial role in the development of modern society. The access to free educational tools and safe, comfortable spaces is invaluable. However, with funding cuts and closures of libraries in Scotland, it is vital that these resources are still utilised by the public.

Throughout my design process I aimed to make decisions to promote inclusivity and intuitive user interactions. I always look for inspiration in colour and form, using these as important prototyping criteria. Throughout my degree I have developed a style where aesthetics and form are not an afterthought but a key stage in the overall process.  Along with this I was able to incorporate and investigate modern growing technology to promote plant health and ease of use.

I hope that by incorporating plants into my final project, that the importance of environmental design can be understood. We, as designers, have a responsibility to design for the future and make sustainability a key foundation in our process.

I look forward to pursuing a career in Environmental Engineering and continuing to develop my design skills and knowledge.


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