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Alexander J Birks


Alexander J Birks is a multidisciplinary artist, currently situated in Glasgow, where they plan to continue to create under the name Gentle Space Studios. Previously, they have worked with installation and photography while exploring a range of themes drawing from their own personal experiences, such as childhood and queer identity. In Birks’ final year at university, he began learning the process of rug tufting, which is now his primary medium to work with. The artist finds comfort in crafting tufted rugs, which serve as artworks for placement in and around the home. This ranges from smaller-scale items such as coasters to larger-scale items such as wall hangings and floor rugs. Birks’ intention is to continue to develop their own style and knowledge in the rug-tufting process.

The degree show collection is a tribute to their relationship with home, drawing inspiration from their own home’s colour and material content. However, the artist wishes to emphasise that this is not a replica of their own environment but rather a reflection on their hopes for the future.

The artist’s website and social media are all under construction and will be ready shortly. Until then, please contact the artist via their Gentle Space Studio email below with any inquiries.


Untitled (Circle)

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Untitled 1-7 (Small)

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Untitled (Large)

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