Pollok Stables Public Learning Complex

The Pollok Stables project aims to transform the historic stables in Pollok Country Park into a vibrant educational hub. This initiative seeks to preserve the site’s architectural heritage while introducing modern, flexible learning spaces for art, history, and environmental education committed to sustainability and renewable energy. It fosters community engagement by creating an inclusive space for learners, educators, and researchers to collaborate. The goal is to blend historical preservation with contemporary educational needs, providing visitors a dynamic and inspiring environment.

Event Space/Lecture Rooms

The event space and lecture rooms are designed with a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern elegance. The robust stone walls give the room a historic feel, while the dark wooden ceiling adds warmth and enhances the acoustics. Modern conference chairs with writing tablets are arranged neatly, offering a comfortable setting for lectures and events. The space is illuminated by crystal chandeliers, providing an elegant touch that complements the architecture. The natural stone walls and the dark wooden ceiling create a warm, inviting atmosphere, perfect for various events and lectures.

Relaxation and Socializing Space

The indoor lounge area beautifully combines rustic elements with contemporary design. The walls are made of natural stone, creating a cozy yet open atmosphere. Large, arched glass doorways flood the space with plenty of natural light. Inside, modern minimalist furniture with clean lines and a neutral color palette contrasts with the ruggedness of the stone, creating a harmonious environment for relaxation and conversation. Lush green plants are strategically placed to connect the indoor space with the natural beauty outside. This combination of natural stone, expansive glass, and modern furniture creates a serene and inviting space for relaxation and socializing.


The library is designed to maximize both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Rich walnut marquetry flooring and a strategically added mezzanine increase the usable space. The library features beautifully crafted timber trusses reminiscent of grand traditional libraries. A state-of-the-art vacuum elevator ensures accessibility for all visitors, providing easy access to the mezzanine level without compromising on style. The combination of classic architectural elements and modern amenities creates a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere for study and research. The walnut flooring, timber trusses, and modern elevator blend seamlessly to offer a space that is both elegant and functional.


The cafeteria/kitchenette space is an environment for dining and culinary instruction. A prominent white marble table serves as the centerpiece, ideal for culinary lessons. The kitchen is equipped with high-end appliances and a marble workstation, catering to both practical cooking needs and educational purposes. The arched opening in the stone wall maintains an open feel, inviting natural light to brighten the space and enhance its sleek, functional layout. The combination of classic marble elements and modern kitchen fittings makes the cafeteria a perfect spot for both dining and learning.

Study Space

The design utilizes the building’s existing structural elements, such as wooden trusses and beams. Each study area is equipped with contemporary furniture, including white desks and ergonomic chairs, set against dark stone and warm wooden accents. This combination creates an inspiring environment for focused study and collaboration. The blend of natural stone, wood, and modern furniture ensures a productive and aesthetically pleasing study environment.

Staff Room

The existing structural elements, such as wooden trusses and beams, are utilized to add to the aesthetic appeal and provide robust support. Each office cubicle is equipped with contemporary furniture, including white desks and ergonomic chairs, set against the dark stone and warm wooden accents. The layout includes private workspaces, meeting areas, and a kitchenette with a marble countertop, ensuring a well-rounded and efficient working environment for the staff.