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Amma Crombie

With a Fairy Hand in Hand

With a Fairy Hand in Hand

Growing up in the Highlands, I spent my childhood foraging, running around with no shoes on, looking for fairies by the river at the bottom of the garden, in the nooks of trees, under flowers, and in doing so, discovering little worlds that I call home. Through my final year project, I am striving to capture this magic and mystery from my childhood.  I have drawn inspiration from the natural world that helped raise me as well as the movies and literature that shaped the way I saw it.
I have created a series of interior collections that created a luxurious yet homely feel in a domestic environment by exploring a range of print techniques that capture the atmospheric nature of my project. The intention for my work is to convey the feeling of being a child, in awe of the magical, natural world around you, with a focus on creating a sense of wonder and wellbeing in the home.

Final Visualisations

The blue hour collection

Midsummer tea party collection

Into the fog collection

The deep dark wood collection

Final Collections

Devore collection

Design and colour exploration

Technical exploration

Drawing and colour analysis

Primary research

Additional portfolio project visualisations

Through my main project I looked to create a sense of encompassment with large scale. In contrast, the purpose of my additional portfolio project was to investigate my research from a different perspective and scale. I created a range of ditsy drawings focusing on small details from my research to capture the intrigue of small details one has when looking through blades of grass as a child. I created a range of designs that worked for both interiors, and as complementary luxury satin pyjamas. This then evolved into exploring other designs and fabrics as pyjamas, so the child in you can waltz around in pyjamas that harmonies with the home seamlessly. Main project and additional project working together hand in hand.

Additional portfolio project visualisations

Additional portfolio project visualisations

Additional portfolio project visualisations

Additional portfolio project ditsy final collection

Satin pyjama collection

Ditsy drawing and colour analysis