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Ana Grace Bagapuro


Ana Grace is a Filipino Interior Design student from the Glasgow School of Art. Having been raised by parents with experience in the Architectural and Engineering field, Ana was inspired to pursue Interior Design in the hopes of creating interiors that would help benefit the society around her.

L4 Final Project – Hotel

L4 Final Project – Hotel


“For this project, I set out to design a hotel that would merge both tourists and local communities as a solution to the loneliness epidemic that is occurring worldwide.”

Tourists are looking for new experiences through travelling. With the trend of solo travelling from throughout the world, the youth are using travelling as a way to escape from their loneliness in their mundane lives. It had become their source of meeting new people, and it allowed them to learn about other cultures. However, locals do not have the opportunity to travel to experience meeting others with different cultural backgrounds.

With the loneliness epidemic on the rise worldwide, how do we give opportunities to locals to meet new people from differing cultural backgrounds while also giving tourists a chance to broaden their social circles even further?

Hotel Connection aims to be a third space for tourists to come together and give them opportunities to create connections with people of different backgrounds who share their experiences to bring a sense of inclusiveness between two differing communities. It examines the importance of human connections and why spaces should incorporate elements that should inspire social interaction between people and look at aspects within an interior.

While also being a place for people to interact or stay in, its interior design is heavily influenced by the architecture surrounding Glasgow, bringing Scottish Culture into a space for both locals and tourists to be immersed in.

Main Lobby

Main Lounging Area 1

Main Lounging Area 2


Private Lounging Area

Bar / Event Space

Deluxe Suite 1

Deluxe Suite 2

Section A-B (1:100@A2)

Ground Floor (1:150@A3)

First Floor (1:150@A3)

Second-Fifth Floors (1:150@A3)