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Bea Miotto

Carnivorous plants have a fascinating and visually pleasing method of adaptation. Due to the nutrient-deprived environments they reside, these species have adapted their methods of obtaining that nutrition, becoming meat eaters. The focus of the designs is on the Drosera species, which have perfected ways of attracting their prey through vivid colours that mimic flowers and pungent scented nectar, whilst still shooting out separate flowers for the benefit of pollinators. The wet and viscous tentacle ends are what stick to the insects, capturing and enveloping them in order to digest and flourish. The collection plays with the idea of trapping the wearer in the same way the plant entraps its prey, through temptation; this is done visually with coloured elastics and resin-dipped wire, placed onto structures made from silver and stainless steel. The elastics are tied one by one and trimmed to various sizes, becoming plant-like creatures which move in a fluid and graceful manner. The viscous-coloured spherical elements, located at the end of each tentacle, entice the viewer into wearing and thinking about ingesting them. Each little carnivorous creature has its own personality, achieved through a choice of colours and finishes, that alter the way in which you act whilst wearing them.

Carnivorous Creatures Amongst the Flora

carnivorous rings

Photography by Shannon Tofts

Carnivorous Creatures Amongst the Flora

carnivorous creature propagation

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