Product Design Engineering School of Design

Andrew Dudman



Sustainable Skate Shoes

Skate shoes can be subject to intense abrasion when performing tricks, quickly resulting in localised holes which leave them unfit for purpose. Modern skate shoes are made up of many different materials, fused together with solvent cements. The materials which make up these shoes cannot be easily separated, making repairing, or recycling practically impossible. Switch is a skate shoe designed to be repaired, which combines the technology and performance of modern skate shoes with the durability and repairability of traditional leather shoes. The entirely sewn construction allows all parts of the shoe to be easily repaired, using constructions already familiar to cobblers. By opting for fewer, better-quality materials, this eliminates the need for linings, adhesives and layering of materials, making the shoe easier to recycle and reducing the carbon footprint. The toecap covers the area of highest wear and is made of a biodegradable and fully recyclable TPE material, which has similar properties to rubber. The part is 3D printed, allowing replacement parts to be produced anywhere, even at home.