MSA Stage 5 School of Architecture

Andrew Harvey

I have recently completed my final year of study at the Glasgow School of Art in Architecture at Diploma level. Previously I studied at undergraduate level at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture in Aberdeen. Throughout my studies, I have focused on responsive design to context and careful attention to detail at macro and micro scales. I have several interests that feed into my creative work, including model making, photography, woodwork, furniture and tool restoration. I would be delighted if you would consider viewing my portfolio on the following link to my personal website.

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The global climate emergency is here, but meaningful change is slow and falls short of what is required. The focus on preserving the way of life we know today will prevent a future as stable as our past. Perhaps then, we should accept that the driving principle in the response to the climate emergency is not meaningful change, but a path of least resistance that ensures life can continue with little deviation from today. A skewed balance between appropriate action, and inaction. In this, the protection of the everyday is key.

For centuries Glasgow has shaped the River Clyde, in the following centuries, the Clyde will reclaim the urban being. Glasgow will be affected by both sea-level rise and inland flooding. We are already at 1.1 degrees above pre-industrial temperatures. Half of this rise has occurred in the past 30 years. There is enough C02 in all fossil fuel reserves to raise the temperature by 10 degrees globally. Last time the earth was just 4 degrees above pre-industrial temperatures, there were no ice caps on the earth’s poles and the sea level was 80m higher.

In the future, what form would Glasgow take when the sea rises and the river floods with the populous resigned to adapting the old city to meet the needs of the time.

The thesis proposal takes place in this future where infrastructure and architecture must meet the needs of the city to preserve the current way of life through the introduction of a sea-wall and targeted water management facility.

220509 - Under Bridge - 3 - Reduced

211107 - Site Plan - Base

211229 - Traffic Nightmare

211107 - Site Plan - Flood Map - 5,10,15m

211203 - Site Photo

220511 - Updated Flood Map

220603 - Plan Animation - 1

220603 - Axo Animation - 1

220510 - Final Site Plan

220509 - DIAGRAM-Elevation-01

220420 - Site Model

211202 - Site Section and Programme

211201 - Site Axonometirc - Short and Detailed - r

211201 - Wall Section - 3 - r

220524 - Sea-wall Detailed Section

220509 - Ground Floor Plan-1-200

220509 - First Floor Plan-1-200

220509 - Second Floor Plan-1-200

220421 - Exploded Site Axo - New Build

220421 - Exploded Site Axo - Old Build

220510 - Axo

220510 - Elevation


220511 - Street Night View

220511 - Outside Ramp

220511 - Inside new

220509 - Under Bridge - 3 - Reduced

220511 - Outside Ramp

220509 - Under Bridge - 3 - Reduced

220511 - Street Night View