Glasgow Innovation School Product Design

Andrew Smith (He/Him)

I am a designer interested in critical and speculative design. Focussing primarily on physical artefacts, I am fascinated with exploring how projects can be created as catalysts for meaningful thought on the topics and themes they encompass. Opening dialogue on sometimes very controversial or complex issues through Product Design affords change through an accessible and creative medium. To me, physical Product Design quite literally means a hands-on approach for discussion on such topics. I find looking at the daily lives of people, the places they inhabit and the artefacts they use allow me, as a designer, to more effectively extract what products can mean to us and how this can be challenged through design.

Snap Out of It: Subversion of working time to create moments of reflection
Solace: Challenging perceptions of choice in cancer care

Snap Out of It: Subversion of working time to create moments of reflection

My project outcome took the form of a suite or ‘kit’ of artefacts used in psychedelic microdosing to subvert working time. This theme arose through looking at working time and our time’s value in a capitalist society. The concept of microdosing as a medium for this subversion was influenced through my exploration of its rising popularity in the workplace and beyond. The microdosing element makes a point by affording the user reflection on their place within such a culture whilst perversely, increasing their productivity. The project uses the brand identity of “High Time” as a means of furthering its separation from the status quo and a tool in provoking thought. I aimed to take a satirical and critical look at traditional working culture and where this is going in the future.

High Time: A Day at The Office

This video is a 'mockumentary' style film aiming to show the impact and value of my High Time kit on workers. It explores current issues like productivity monitoring software and corporate hierarchy through the lens of a day in an employees life at work.

High Time Poster

Aiming to encapsulate the people, the place inhabited and the products or artefacts involved in this new ritual

Exploring Moments

Finding a specific moment to harness as part of my new ritual was essential. I highlighted "snapping out" of a working daze, which would later become the crux of my project.

High Time Kit Components

Each of the artefacts making up the High Time Kit and the value they bring through new rituals

High Time Narrative

This High Time storyboard tells the story of a typical High time user and how the interactions with these artefacts and the resulting ritual impact their daily working life.

Solace: Challenging perceptions of choice in cancer care

This was a two-part project, looking at the future of cancer and how this may be affected by advances in ‘Collective Intelligence’. With the first part focussing on ‘world-building’, creating a future context as a group that our individual projects would exist within.

With the mass reduction and defunding of the NHS citizens in 2030 will no longer have the luxury of accessible GP appointments and easy to access healthcare information. This, alongside the increased involvement of commercial organisations in the healthcare sector means that uncertainty and misinformation is a growing issue. Solace uses Artificial Intelligence to relieve stress with fast, reliable, succinct answers to concerns over how trustworthy or accurate medical information is. Solace aims to challenge perceptions of cancer information by tailoring responses to queries or concerns via users’ self-direction in order to reach people on a deeper, more personal level. Solace collates the concerns and queries of the community at-large through its users in order to inform care professionals of the need for action, such as the organising of cancer screenings or workshops at a local level bringing people together through shared experience using Collective Intelligence

Prevention and Detection: The World of 2030

This world map was created during the first part of this project. It shows how we envisioned our 2030 and the various aspects of our world that we chose to focus on

Prevention and Detection: The World of 2030

This video aims to show how the Solace project exists within the cancer Prevention and Detection 'World of 2030'. Showing the interlocking stories of the three users I focussed on and contextualising their experiences of Cancer information in 2030.

Solace: Challenging perceptions of choice in Cancer Information in 2030 - Interaction

This video shows how a user would receive and interact with their Solace, as well as how it exists within their home and becomes and integrated part of the home of 2030.

Solace Narrative

This storyboard shows the extended narrative of the solace system, including multiple users and how their stories become connected due to Collective Intelligence and the Solace system.

Solace Artefact Variations

The different variations of the Solace artefact I used to communicate the project. Using both digital and physical means as well as a combination of the two.