MSA Stage 3 School of Architecture

Anna Tankard (She/her)

The Dockside Exchange at Sighthill

The Dockside Exchange at Sighthill

The fourth and Clyde canal has been undergoing development and changes in recent years, transforming the space into a major recreational area and beautifully integrating urban life and nature. Throughout my design I aim to create recreational and educational spaces that encourage healthy living and lifestyles. Comfort and a sense of calm are key aspects to my design. I am aiming to create a space that combats the stigmas around food banks and community reliance. As well as creating a community spirit through communal living, public food markets and learning hubs, this design raises awareness and will educate the public on the process and journey of food and sustainable living and eating.

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interior visual

Location plan

UFEx exterior view

View of the Urban Food exchange

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Sighthill high-rise history

Massing and Zoning