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Annette Skinner

Outside In
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Outside In

I have identified three problems within Glasgow:

1. The Weather

2. Scarcely used playgrounds

3. A large amount of car-parks


1. Data from the met office covered climate in UK cities over a 30 year period from 1981. Filtering it

by the number of days per year with rain, on average. By this measure Glasgow is the rainiest city

in the UK with rainfall occurring 170.3 days a year.


2. Outdoor learning is crucial to a Childs development by supporting mental health and well-being, through inclusive and engaging learning. There are very limited days when typical outdoor activities can occur. Spaces such as playgrounds, skate parks and sports fields are unused for a large proportion of the year due to Glasgow’s rainy and cold environment.


3. From the 1st of June 2023 a Low Emission zone was introduced to Glasgows city centre. This

meant that all vehicles entering this zone must meet the less-polluting emission standards or face

a penalty charge. This has caused in a decrease of cars, resulting in a demand decline for car parks, leaving sparsely used concrete structures all around Glasgow’s city centre.



A solution to all three problems would be to re-purpose a car park within Glasgow’s LEZ zone into an indoor playground.

So guess what I’ve designed…


Exactly that.

Cambridge Street Car Park

Sketchbook Drawing

Site Context Model

Site Context model

Level 1

Floor Plan

Skate Park

Level 2

Floor Plan


Multi-Purpose Sports Court

Level 3

Floor Plan

Veiwing Balcony



Floor Plan - Staff Areas


Staff Room