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Anupa Joshy


I’m a Visual Designer from India, and I place Humanity and Empathy at the heart of my practice. I find it necessary as a designer to convey important matters about the world through my work, and I often aim to raise awareness through methods of Communication design. I dabble in numerous mediums like publication design, data visualisation, brand identity, illustration, etc.

My work is rooted in heavy research and is concept-driven. I enjoy the art of experimenting to create tangible forms. With three years of experience in the field of Design, I am always looking to expand my practice.

Interculturalism is Dead
Beyond the Glass

Interculturalism is Dead

“Interculturalism is Dead” is a project aimed at reinvigorating the dialogue surrounding Interculturalism by spotlighting the vibrant sub-culture of the Syro-Malabar Community from Kerala, India. Amid today’s challenging political climate in the United Kingdom, this initiative seeks to underscore the importance of intercultural exchange and understanding, particularly within creativity. Drawing on principles of decolonisation, the project delves deep into the rich tapestry of the Syro-Malabar community, exploring its diverse facets and celebrating the essence of Interculturalism in our increasingly interconnected world.

At its core, “Interculturalism is Dead” comprises a meticulously curated publication serving as an archival treasure trove of personal narratives, cultural intersections, and the story of the Syro-Malabar community. Additionally, it features immigration stories from creatives in Glasgow, insightful interviews with Glasgow-based design studios, and an exploration of the future prospects for creatives from ethnic minority backgrounds. Complementing the publication is a proposed networking event that promises to be a truly immersive experience. Embracing the universal concept of tea, the event offers a decolonised twist on the classic cream tea affair, infusing it with layered motifs inspired by the Syro-Malabar community. Attendees can indulge in authentic Kerala snacks, sip on ‘chaya’ (tea), and engage in discussions led by successful creatives from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Through this innovative fusion of culture, creativity, and conversation, “Interculturalism is Dead” aims to ignite meaningful dialogue, foster cross-cultural connections, and chart a path toward a more inclusive and interconnected future

Beyond the Glass

Beyond the Glass is a series of publications opposing the display of human remains in museums. It shares the life stories of six individuals, challenging readers to question the ethics and impact of colonialism and white supremacy. These stories highlight the tragedy of subjugation and the indignity of posthumous display. After years of appeals, the remains were returned to their homelands, allowing the deceased to be laid to rest according to their cultures. This project underscores the importance of respecting the dignity of the dead and addressing colonial and supremacist legacies in museums and society.