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Bailey Tuddenham

Bailey Tuddenham is a product design engineer from Norwich, Norfolk. He studied PDE at the University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art from 2019 to 2024.

Bailey specialises in the design of consumer products; through industrial design, design engineering and product marketing.

Bailey has developed an extensive portfolio of products and designs over the past 5 years, including sensory headphones, smart kitchen-ware and innovative luggage solutions. All of his work is available to view in more detail via his online portfolio below.

Sense Pro

Sense Pro

With a huge increase in the number of people watching films at home or on the go, this project aims to create a more immersive viewing experience to users outside of the cinema.

The Sense Pro are a pair of headphones which add physical immersion to movies and tv shows on the go, using scent, haptics and air. The ear cups can also be detached and used as a left and right speaker for a more immersive ‘at-home’ experience, too.

The minimalistic design of the Sense Pro, devoid of unnecessary ornamentation, serves as a nod to the belief that true beauty emerges from thoughtful simplicity. The aluminium exterior, available in a range of finishes, appeals to individuals seeking a blend of cutting-edge technology and refined aesthetics.

The incorporation of scent, haptic feedback and changes in fan-powered air temperature, triggered by media cues, creates a physically immersive experience. This seamless integration of technology and design reflects the project’s commitment to a sensory-rich entertainment experience.


See more and watch a video via the project link below!