Prize Winner

Collins Debden Graduate Award prize: Runners Up

Communication Design School of Design

Benjamin Woodcock

I am an Illustrator, I make images that are bold, exciting, and imaginative. My work is filled with energy. My inspiration is found in everyday things which are otherwise considered mundane. It is my job as an illustrator to show people the joy that can be found in these things. I have spent the majority of the year working on an animation for a live brief. The film revolves around Alasdair Gray’s armchair. As such, I use the chair as a central motif, building movement from the textures and patterns of the armchair. I have also done a lot of print-work. This has culminated a meticulously rendered dry-point etching of an amateur football match. I stretch and distort the proportions of the players in order to capture the dynamism and excitement that I see in that moment.

5-A-Side Football at the Powerleague Stadium,
The Armchair Monologues (2024)

Collaborative Work
The Boy Who Learnt To Shiver

5-A-Side Football at the Powerleague Stadium,

This is an etching of an amateur football game. Over the course of a few weeks I would go to the Powerleague Stadium and draw the people there playing 5-a-side matches. These drawings focused on capturing the dynamic poses that the players would unintentionally pull during the match. I then took these sketches back to the studio to refine. Working iteratively, I exaggerated and distorted the players form to create a composition that was lively and energetic. Dry-point etching is a very slow process that allows for very fine detail. By applying this process to passing moments, they are elevated and embedded with a significance that wasn’t previously present.

Five-A-Side Football at the Powerlegue Stadium

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Man On

Tying Laces

How It Feels To Send One Screaming Into Top Bins

The Armchair Monologues (2024)

The Armchair Monologues is an animation that accompanies Michael Pedersen’s poem of the same name. The poem was initially commissioned by The Alasdair Gray Archive in partnership with Creative Writing at the University of Strathclyde, responding to Gray’s iconic armchair. The armchair is used as a central motif throughout the animation, drawing out movement and sequences from its decorative elements. The animation is entirely hand-drawn, frame by frame, and black and white. This forced me to focus on pattern and texture to inform the imagery and to drive the narrative forward.

The Armchair Monologues

An animation by Benjamin Woodcock for the poem 'The Armchair Monologues' by Michael Pedersen which was commissioned in 2022 by The Alasdair Gray Archive and Creative Writing at The University of Strathclyde.

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The Boy Who Learnt To Shiver

‘The Boy Who Learnt to Shiver’ is a collaborative puppet show adaption of the Grimm Brothers’ tale ‘The Boy Who Left Home To Learn Fear’. With hand-made puppets, set design and a live score, our play centres around an insolent, arrogant and selfish 7-year old boy, who is kicked out of home and follows his journey through gallows, taverns and crummy hotels. What could’ve been a tale of redemption and self-discovery ends in a… well, you’ll just have to find out for yourselves won’t you.