Kerry Aylin Prize for Distinction in Print

Communication Design School of Design

Billy Paterson (He/Him)

My practice is driven by an interest in typography, book design, and materiality through printed matter. My work’s conceptual focus typically revolves around reinterpreting and retracing lost or historical communicative forms through contemporary perspectives. I’ve found that I’m drawn to ideas and elements which are more fragmentary and residual than fully fledged—I often use my work as a vehicle to better comprehend, explore and communicate ideas which are temporally or ontologically disconcerting, ambiguous or non-linear in nature.

Dolmen Variable Typeface

Collaborative Work
To Be Adorned

Dolmen Variable Typeface

Following a period of research and experimentation with archival Celtic and Roman typographic forms, I developed a variable typeface which shifts between optical weights along an axis.

The typeface’s name – Dolmen – is borrowed from a type of megalithic stone structure used in ancient passage rituals. This act is mirrored in the typeface’s transition and interpolation between two alternating states, allowing for increased optimisation and usability in contemporary digital and print contexts.

To Be Adorned

‘To Be Adorned’ is a collaborative project between photographer: Anna-Rose McChesney and graphic designer: Billy Paterson. Together we have created a photobook containing 100 photos of people in outfits that they find meaningful in personal spaces in their rooms such as their bedrooms or living rooms. The book contains a foreword and introduction written by the sociologist Angela McRobbie and an essay by Martha Cruz.



Publisher: Anna-Rose McChesney, 2022
Format: Book
Size: 17 x 24cm, 200 pages
ISBN: 978-1-3999-5309-2


To Be Adorned

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Ribbon detail

'To Be Adorned' 170x240mm hardback cover book
For Sale: Pre-order on request