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Blair Ruane



A motivated graduate from the Glasgow School of Art in Interior Design, driven by a deep passion for creative expression and a strong grasp of design principles. With experience in visual merchandising and running my own Etsy store featuring original prints, I’ve honed my eye for detail and learned how art and design can transform spaces. I love working in collaborative, forward-thinking settings and am excited to bring my skills to a design studio where I can contribute and continue to grow.


  • Detail Orientated
  • Teamwork
  • Organisation
  • Problem Solving
  • CAD
  • Communication
  • Sales Expertise


  • SketchUp + Vray
  • Abode Creative Suite
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • AutoCAD

Below is my final year project where I turned a library into an interactive cinema for locals in the Glasgow area.

The Site
The Brief
The Research
The Layout
The Branding
The Materials and Furnishings
Bespoke Table Detailing
The Proposal
The Barbie Movie
Howl’s Moving Castle



Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.

– Martin Scorsese


Welcome to SCREENBITE, the ultimate cinematic experience nestled within the heart of Glasgow’s Woodside Library.

Step into a realm where film meets culinary artistry, where every visit promises an unforgettable fusion of sight and taste. Our innovative concept seamlessly intertwines the magic of cinema with the pleasures of fine dining. As you enter, be greeted by our interactive hallway adorned with iconic replicas from the movie you’re about to immerse yourself in, offering perfect photo opportunities to capture the excitement of the moment.

Indulge in our restaurant’s ever-evolving three-course meals, each meticulously crafted to complement the cinematic journey ahead, magically appearing on our bespoke tables after a mesmerizing animation. At SCREENBITE, inclusivity is paramount; our facilities cater to all, with specially designed features ensuring those with mobility challenges can relish every moment.

Sink into our luxurious recliner chairs, savoring an intermission amidst the cinematic spectacle showcased on our curved DOLBY screen, delivering unparalleled visual immersion.

Whether you’re a film enthusiast, a gastronomic adventurer, or seeking a truly inclusive cinematic experience, SCREENBITE awaits to redefine your perception of moviegoing.

3D Exterior Model

The Site

I have decided to go with the Woodside Library as it is positioned in a great location with subway stops, car parking, within walking distance to the city centre and bus routes running close by. It also has the type of facade and style that would work very well for a cinema.

My only concern is the size, I’m unsure if it is big enough to house everything I want it to. If it isn’t then I can counter that by limiting the number of people allowed into the space at one time and separating the cinema and restaurant space for a better flow of traffic.

Its Edwardian Baroque architecture will go well with modern cinema, I believe, as cinema/theatre are steeped in Art Deco, which pairs nicely with this style of architecture.

Woodside Library

Existing Purpose

Residential Demographic Data from 2021

Location Map

The Brief


Target Audience: Millennials and Gen Z aged 25 to 35, seeking meaningful real-world interactions.


Project Overview: Revolutionizing cinema with a state-of-the-art immersive experience, including a dome-shaped screen and haptic feedback chairs.

Concept: An immersive cinema experience complemented by a thematic restaurant, where patrons can enjoy dishes inspired by the film.

Objective: Re-imagine cinema as a comprehensive entertainment experience, countering the declining trend in attendance.


Location: The historic Woodside Library building.

Restaurant Space: Comfortable, visually engaging atmosphere with various seating arrangements.

Cinema Space: State-of-the-art room with adaptable thematic elements.


Rationale: Address the decline in cinema attendance due to outdated facilities and competition from streaming.

Aims: Create a fully immersive cinema-going experience with interactive elements and a full restaurant.


Strategy: Transform every aspect of the cinema visit into an immersive experience, with film-specific décor, open kitchen concept, and advanced haptic seating technology.


Customer Journey: Plan the timeline from entry to exit.

Themed Furnishings: Develop a plan for quick and efficient changes.

Interior Design: Incorporate thematic elements inspired by each movie.

Marketing & Branding: Promote the immersive and ever-changing experience.

The Research

I’ve been breaking down the spaces I will need for my current project so I can stay on track with what I need to place space for and design.

To do this I created mind maps using Miro so I can quickly see my plan and I can easily visualise it.

Research Mindmaps

Cinema Seat Colour Research

The Layout

Floor Plan

Interactive Hallway - Blank Digital Render

Ground Floor Restaurant - Blank Digital Render

Mezzanine Floor Restaurant - Blank Digital Render

Screen Room - Blank Digital Render

The Branding


The Materials and Furnishings


Bespoke Furnishings

Bespoke Table Detailing

Drawing significant inspiration from immersive dining experiences offered by restaurants like Le Petit Chef and Taste Cinema, this table concept was designed to seamlessly blend dining with cinematic entertainment. I envisioned an animation similar to that of Le Petit Chef, but featuring characters from the movie about to be screened. Observing the experience from various perspectives at Le Petit Chef, I noticed that the server’s act of bringing food to the table often disrupted the immersive atmosphere. This observation motivated me to adopt a different approach.

Visual Render

Table Animation

This is a video animation of how the stepper motor rotates the table to 0.5º accuracy. As the waiter loads each bowl or plate into the recessed groves, the motorised lazy susan inside rotates to 90º; once all the bowls/plates are loaded and the animation on the table stops, the motorised lazy susan lifts up to magically reveal the food to the customers.

Reccesed Platform

The Proposal

With the restaurant ever-changing and adapting to each movie on the show, I wanted to select a recent blockbuster, The Barbie Movie, and a classic movie, Howl’s Moving Castle, to showcase how it adapts. Below are my proposals for each movie with a layout plan to show the key areas, the restaurant and the interactive hallway changing. The proposals are complete with renders of each area showing off different elements the customers can interact with and take photos of, maximising the social media branding of the space and spreading word of mouth. It would also keep customers coming back for new movies released as it will look completely different to how it looked before.

The Barbie Movie

The Barbie Restaurant

The Barbie Interactive Hallway

The Barbie Interactive Hallway

The Barbie Layout Plan

Howl’s Moving Castle

The Howl Restaurant

The Howl Interactive Hallway

The Howl Interactive Hallway

The Howl Layout Plan