Benno Schotz Prize

Sculpture & Environmental Art

Breagh Reilly (she/her)

My work feels like when you are stuck on a crowded train and all the other people around you are family members and you look like you belong but you don’t. Stuck between a window and a stranger. Stuck in a moment of awareness. Negotiating with the uncomfortable and utilizing all it has to offer is at the core of my practice.

The process of my work begins with a feeling. Therefore, through a performance and installation based practice I test both my own relationship with the uncomfortable as well as an audiences, allowing me to then seek out opportunities to create my own versions of awkward spaces and interactions. My practice is an endeavour to make sense of moments that shouldn’t make sense, whilst at the same time making them make even less sense than in the first place, and challenging the perception of what we know and what we think we understand.

just for the record i hate the dentist

just for the record i hate the dentist

plaster tongue
For Sale: Price on Request
ceramic stoneware teeth, varied sizes
For Sale: Price on Request