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Brogan Vandenio

Brogan Vandenio’s (b. 1999) work revolves around the exploration of human consciousness and its submerged realms. Through the medium of film, the auteur seeks to unravel the intricate layers of identity, spirituality, and emotional resilience. By intertwining narrative elements with symbolic motifs, his goal is to create immersive experiences that challenge the viewer’s perceptions and encourage introspection. The characters portrayed often grapple with profound existential crises, mirroring universal struggles that echo through time, such as the themes of family. The director’s debut ZANNI is enriched by a fascination with alchemical and psychological archetypes, which serve as a bridge to understanding the arcane and the modern. Each project is a testament to the complexities of the human spirit, inviting audiences to witness and reflect on the delicate dance between light and darkness within themselves.

ZANNI – Feature Film
Film still captured on a phone during a flight featuring the stunning Alps.

ZANNI – Feature Film

After an argument unravels between the Bulwer Family. Mother goes missing, leaving only a berserk father. Balingtore Castle is no longer home. Attempting to escape the mundane by lucid dreaming, Dorian finds himself in Venice. Something cryptic appears. Confronted by an hourglass, an ancient creature known as Zanni warns of its arrival.


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