Innovation School Product Design

Calen Brown (He/Him)

Design provides a person the ability to approach the worlds simplest and yet most complicated problems with a confidence that no matter the complication; if the design is good enough it will improve. I take this into my work and try to constantly produce the best design this ability can provide.

The Glasgow City Archive


My self-initiated project developed my pre-existing interest in the many faults of the garment industry. Striving for innovation the garment industry is heavily competitive in its efforts to consistently compete to boost sales. The fallout of this desire has been an incredibly dangerous rise in garment land mass due to companies rapid production of limited use fashion trends. This prompting my design focus of: “Anti Boredom Fashion”.

Following my research process, I investigated sustainable clothing and why it’s not as popular as its fast fashion counterpart. This mainly due to sustainable clothing being of a higher price, I then investigated the modular garment market. I believed that clothing designed modularly for aesthetics rather than modularly for function could aid in refreshing the item indefinitely. Ideally by refreshing the item this would extend the excitement and therefore keep the item out of landfills longer. This lead me to design a collection of prototypes which utilise zips, this allowing me to easily zip on and off compartments of clothes with quick and easy access.

My final prototype is the sustainable fashion brand “Aplural” an anti-boredom fashion company that provides graphically supported modular clothing. This brand allows it’s consumers to seamlessly zip on and off different compartments of their clothes. This looks to influence remixing and reshuffling for their purchased garments as much as possible.

In combination with this prolonged garment lifespan “Aplural” also provides a circular service design that looks to embody sustainability. Extending the wear time of these garments by refreshing its visuals for the consumer allows for consistent and simple remixing. This then paired with a circular service design promotes “Aplural” as a healthy example of sustainable fashion.

– The Plural Apparel –

“Visual Modularity reengages users in their clothing by providing quick and effective customisation; therefore, extending the garments life.”

Aplural Shirt Remix

Full Mix

Blue Shirt Frontal

Accessability within clothes gives access to a new garment life

Zip functionallity.

Black Shirt Variation

Blue Shirt Back Shot

Zip on and off functionality allows for quick effective mixing

Black Variation Back View

Aplural Logo : Badge

Aplural Logo

Standard Blue Shirt.

The Glasgow City Archive

Our future world focuses on local citizenship within the 2033 city of Glasgow. This focus emerged the opportunity to design for a new visual of the city. Our initial research had our group looking into how such a length of time could affect such a sprawling metropolis. My personal focus being on the people within Glasgow and how they might be affected.

Following my research, I investigated how I could implement regeneration into the future citizens of Glasgow. I found that a visual regeneration of the people that inhabit a space allows for an interesting representation of the true visuals of the people within this city. Looking deeply into how people want to feel at home and imprinted in the place they reside I looked to harness this feeling and develop my project around it.

My final prototype is the “Glasgow City Archive” a regenerative visual database that consists of a handful of city cameras and projectors spread around the city. This looks to capture and display people within their communities so that there is always a visual representation to a time and place. Cameras look to capture moments throughout the day so they can be approved by the curator. Once approved the moments are sent out to a collection of projectors, these projectors shine onto walls interesting visuals of the people of Glasgow. Once displayed the pictures are them time dated and archived into the official Glasgow city website. This archive allows for anyone whom visits the website to look through the collected visuals of the city of Glasgow and the people it inhabits.

“By providing a consistent visual archive it provides a regenerative view on the inhabitants, visitors, architecture of the city of Glasgow”

Camera obersvation in progress.

Camera in place.

2008 George Square - 2022 George Square

Mid year review, projector prototype.