MSA Stage 3 School of Architecture

Calum Paterson (He/Him)

My third year project the ‘Sighthill Urban Food Exchange’ explores two of my main architectural interests; the social impact of architectural design on bettering lives and enhancing communities; furthermore, architectural history’s rooted importance in culture and placemaking.

I am also passionate about the role of social research within architecture.

Sighthill Urban Food Exchange

Sighthill Urban Food Exchange

The UFEX is a new typology of building aiming to revive the canal as a bio-diverse and low carbon means of transport for fresh food directly into the city and facilitate community exchange. Designed for a low-carbon future aiming to compliment the residential transformation of the Sighthill canal neighbourhood in Glasgow.

The right to a healthy life should be universal and the UFEX aims to provide a stage for this; this belief, the canal’s heritage and goals for a a low carbon future have steered the design of the UFEX at Sighthill hoping to provide a new landmark for the city.

Early Part-Diagram Sketches

Key to the design was creating a feeling of connection throughout the building and allowing natural light to fill the UFEX.

Context Research

Seeking to revive the industrial heritage of the canal, the UFEX has a clear sense of place and local culture.

Location Plan

Highlighting the now erased industrial landmarks of the Canal in Glasgow. Sighthill sits at the terminus of the canal.

Site Plan

The UFEX has the opportunity to utilise the existing suds pond to the south and respond to the canal vista to the north creating a light footprint for the design that is accessible from all levels.

South Approach

Seeking the revive activity on the canal the UFEX acts a modern landmark with an ode to the past.

East Approach

The UFEX responds to its context and should feel like a welcoming space for all.

Canalside Access

The multi-functional facade allows for easy loading from the canal and for larger open markets under a protected canopy.

Evening Section

The UFEX is used all day round and the accommodation at the top is designed to feel excluded and more intimate than public spaces below.

Communal Living Area - Internal View

Above the public areas the accommodation feels light and intimate.

Perspective Section

Illustrating the stacked uses of the Food Exchange and Community Centre. Making the most of the site and canal access.