MSA Stage 5 School of Architecture

Charles Dunn

Remnants of a Vernacular

Remnants of a Vernacular

The collective memory of Glasgow’s industrial heritage is fragmented with a similar fragmentation evident in its urban fabric.

Taking existing patterns of both urban and cognitive fragmentation, the thesis seeks to repackage these in a newly conceived architectural proposition; instead considering industrial infrastructure and the non place as artefacts within the city – the non place becomes a place with the ability to evoke and engage.

The architectural approach takes phenomenology and the poetic image as a starting point to engage with both the intimate and collective memory within the city while also interrogating this in its current form.

The thesis proposes an architecture which works to engage with the distinct tectonics of the landscape, spatial qualities of the River Kelvin and character of those remaining remnants in order to engage with both the intimate and collective poetic image, thus creating a repository of collective memory in the city.

The proposition of a hybrid typology; a museum of industry with a direct air capture plant, seeks to reshape our conception of production and industry and instead present an architectural offering which is to be celebrated and which demonstrates a thriving urban coexistence with productive, functional architecture.

The architectural language is driven by the characterful, honest and often jarring expression of function, materiality and form common within the historical typology and territory – referencing the divergent assemblage of geometry and materiality of both building and landscape.

A locus within the city, the museum sits at the intersection of numerous key routes while exploiting the polarity of a striking vertical landscape, both natural and built. Mindful of this, the architecture references the spatial conditions present along the river; exploring notions of constraint, enclosure, expanse and threshold to construct an interior landscape and tectonic approach which speaks of the environment it finds itself in, punctuating the visitor experience.

Section AA

View from Sunken Courtyard

Mapping Industrial Settlement

Historic Industrial Massing

Massing, Height & Context

Plan Diagrams

Plan Diagrams

Site Permeability Diagram

Massing & Materiality Studies

Taxonomy of Remnants

Site Tectonics

Section CC

Section BB

Section AA

Pigmented Cement Cast

Lower Ground Floor Plan

Site Masterplan Diagram

Oak Concept Model

1:2000 Folded Paper Site Model

Capriccio 02

Papier Mache Concept Model

Capriccio 01

1:2000 Folded Paper Site Model

Capriccio 03

Pigmented Cement Cast

First Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Concept Models

Location Plan

Riverside Facade

View from Great Western Road

View into Industrial Plant Room

Industrial Plant Room Entrance

Lower Ground Floor Gallery

Entrance Foyer

Threshold and Enclosure

Contemplative Space

Carved Wall Niche


Cafe Entrance View

South Elevation

East Elevation