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Chelsea Atkinson (She/her)

An aspiring Product Design Engineer from the Lake District with a passion for combining the problematic approach of engineering design with visual design aesthetics. Looking to delve into the automotive industry following graduation with the goal of becoming a chartered engineer. My final year project focused on optimising and ergonomically designing a steering wheel for a Formula Student race car. The steering wheel will be used on the UGRacing Formula Student race car this July at the Formula Student UK Competition in Silverstone.

Formula Student Steering Wheel

Formula Student Steering Wheel

The aim of this project was to redesign the existing Formula Student steering wheel, used by UGRacing Formula Student team, to create an inclusive wheel that could be used by any driver of any shape or size.

The main purpose of the steering wheel was to allow the driver to have full control of the car therefore, the redesign looked to maximise driving efficiency, increase drivability and offer the opportunity for alterations for example flappy paddles, programmable buttons, ergonomic handles, and an integrated display unit.

UGR Steering Wheel

Car View

Wheel in context

Steering Wheel Front View

Steering Wheel Rear View