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Chloe Ashworth (she/her)

Chloe Ashworth (UK) is a multidisciplinary artist that specialises in Photography. Her photographic practise is influenced by the accessible and alternative materials found in her immediate environments.

Chloe’s work addresses her identity and agency within alternating social spheres. There is an emphasis on challenging how she perceives herself and how others perceive her by analysing behavioural techniques we use when socialising. Ashworth looks to isolate and question the behaviours present in her relationships, encouraging the viewer to question where they place themselves in the works. Her work is conversational. It can take form as gallery installations that can instigate multiple viewers into a private dialogue with the work; photographic prints which open dialogues about social nature and stigma; and site specific works which include participation and action. Chloe aims to invite people to deconstruct why and how we are subjected to certain emotions in relation to certain experiences; aiming to provide a common ground that normalises truthful human experiences whilst simultaneously taking a moment to acknowledge the complexities of them.

Value Zero (2021- )
The Alternative Degree Show Festival

Value Zero (2021- )

This an ongoing project I am working on using my thermal paper camera, a toy which instant prints images on the same receipt paper we use for credit card machines. The paper uses no ink, just thermal energy to print the image in black and white.

The camera costs just over £50, but this is the only big investment. You can buy bulks of the receipt thermal paper for less than a tenner- which makes this practice a great inexpensive alternative to other black and white photographic practices.

Here, you do not see the work, you see the product of my control over the work. These images were built to fight the working climate I faced, the battle is over and now they must return to nothing.

Value Zero Statement

Value Zero Statement pt 2


The Alternative Degree Show Festival

Glasgow, Summer 2021

Poster designed by Emily Knight & Frank Andres Llinas Casas