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Chloe Dalziel (She/Her)

Hello! My name is Chloe Dalziel and I’m an Illustrator / Printmaker within the Communication Design 2023 course. For my final year I’ve explored my love for printmaking through making film posters, as well as creating an animation based upon my experience as someone who’s went through the Scottish court system as the victim of a domestic crime. I like to explore my practice through my own personal likes from films and the moving image, as well as creating pieces that challenge certain ideas that I believe should change.

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Film Poster Project – Printmaking
To Fuel The Fire – Animation Project

Film Poster Project – Printmaking

I was given the brief to create film posters for a series of films being shown for GSA’s film club. The films are ‘The Passion of Joan of Arc’, ‘The Connection’ and ‘Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes’. It was a really fun project to get more involved with my printmaking practice and spending a lot of time in the Caseroom, experimenting with different type and printed techniques. The main aim was to create posters through my own visual language that embodies elements from each film I found interesting, as well as creating a series of posters that work well together as a set.

To Fuel The Fire – Animation Project

Misogynistic language, Trauma related.

‘To Fuel The Fire’ is a traditional charcoal animation depicting my own experience going through the Scottish Court system as the victim of a domestic crime. Enduring this process was a really tough point in my studies, and I believe that it’s important to show the current state of what a victim can experience and go through when going to court as a witness. There is a lack of support in the system for victims and I want to highlight how justified anger that can be felt within victims, can be seen as ‘distasteful’ or ‘wrong’. There is a lot more to do in order to break away from what a ‘victim’ looks like and ‘should’ be. The character of this animation endures my own real life experiences, whilst transforming into something more monstrous the more they feel their anger at the system. This experience will always be with me, like the character with their new hands, it’s something unfortunate and permanent, but I hope it comes across that accepting anger rather than hiding it is a really powerful thing to do. Especially when you have been the victim of a crime.

To Fuel The Fire

Party scene still

Message reaction still

Police visit still

'Assist' call still

Court Room scene still

Sketchbook pages


Letter to the Scottish Government, Part 1

Letter to the Scottish Government, Part 2