Fine Art Photography School of Fine Art

Chloe Kaufmann-Trappes


Chloe Kaufmann-Trappes is a multidisciplinary artist working with video, photography, installation and writing to explore issues of representation and the corporeal. Her practice has a strong emphasis on research; often bringing philosophical, post-humanist, and feminist approaches to contemporary issues  of technology. Her latest work ‘Bodies of Water’ for the GSA degree show addresses the nostalgia of toy cameras and the camera as extension of the body, as well as technology’s impact on our bodily perceptions. ‘Bodies of Water’ was filmed entirely on a Nintendo 3DS, before it was transformed into a projection, combining digital negatives to reflect and distort across the space. Accompanied by the sounds of running water and birdsongs, the space provides an ambient and immersive experience of an imaginary digital realm. In addition to the installation are two light boxes replacing windows, framing far off images of a horse in a field and glitched bathtub water, further alluding to this digital world. This piece aims to show the ways that technology distorts that which is ‘in real life’ (not as an inherently “bad” thing)  to examine this hall of mirrors firsthand via image circulation, meme culture, and social media.