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Chuqi Cao

The Artistic practice usually starts from her own experience, based on the most real preaception of life. She always focusedusing images and images and other artistic languages to discuss the relationship of human,envirment and society.

Inspire of Shadows

Inspire of Shadows

At a party with friends, I was recording the proceedings with my mobile phone in my hand and inadvertently used it to observe the candle burning silently in the infinite darkness. Sometimes the flame would become unbearably dim, the burning wick would have drops of wax oil falling down, and at that moment it would instantly brighten. At other times, it wavers back alone. The candle carries a message with its flame, telling and interpreting its life. When it is extinguished, the light takes the shape of seven colored particles that disperse from the central point into the darkness in all directions.

The few hours from ignition to extinction are the life of a candle. Although each candle looks similar, each one burns in its own way.