School of Design Silversmithing & Jewellery

Claire Frith (She/Her)

This body of work is an exploration of pockets and the everyday objects in them. Made in relation to identity, my work looks at personal collections and the things that people carry on their person. Motivated by the value we give to our possessions and the normality of the everyday rituals that come with them. I have captured this throughout my work using a combination of personal found objects along with findings gathered from research into the things that people use in day-to-day life. Creating precious objects through sentimental value, reaffirming the relationship between the maker, viewer and wearer. Using mostly nonprecious materials, the value originates in my source material research, which was gathered from friends and family members, where this bond already exists.

Odds and Ends
Spraypaint Silhouettes

Odds and Ends

‘Odds and Ends’ is an exploration of colour, materiality and the relationship we have with everyday objects we subconsciously carry.

Odds and Ends

Degree show collection


Canpull necklace
For Sale: Price on Request

Trio of Brooches

For Sale: Price on Request (priced separately)

Spraypaint Silhouettes

Making process


Spray 1

Spray 2

Spray 3

Spray 4

Spray 5

Spray 6

Spray 7

Spray 8

Spray 9

Spray 10

Spray 11