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Cascata Apartments and Wellness Centre

Retirement in Glasgow’s West End, the site previously built as Church Street School and Swimming Block renovated into 11 Apartments with a Cinema and Wellness Centre.

Named Cascata which means waterfall in Italian celebrating the architects design of the buildings Italianate style. The name is to highlight relaxation and rest with the aid of water throughout the design. The site comprises of two buildings, the Residential Apartment Building and Wellness Centre. The Apartment Building with 1-3 Bedroom Apartments, Communal Area, Laundry and Cinema. Built with the intention for users of retirement age, ensuring careful design consideration of accessibility throughout the site. The residential building with skylight atrium in centre of apartments, maximising windows for well lit living areas. Cascata Wellness Centre focuses on 8 main areas, all with the consideration of health and wellbeing. These areas focus on giving the residents somewhere to eat, rest, work, exercise and enjoy.

Cascata Apartments and Wellness Centre

Cascata Apartments and Wellness Centre

Site Information


Site Plan

Ground Floor Plan Residential

Communal Seating Design

Communal Seating Design in centre of ground floor beneath the void. Residents can utilise this as a place to take a moment to sit and rest or for visitors of the building to take a seat as they wait. The design includes a support handrail continuous around the seating in order to support anyone in need. Plants and water are incorporated elements that bring life into the space.

Communal Seating Design Details

First Floor Plan Residential

Apartment Visual

Bespoke Kitchen Details

Curved Wall Detail of Apartments - Detail A

Curved Wall Detail of Apartments - Detail B

Second Floor Plan Residential

Two Bed Apartment Section

Two Bed Apartment Floorplan

Cascata Wellness Centre Reception

Wellness Centre Floor Plans


Swimming Pool Area

Swimming Pool View 2