Glasgow School of Design Textile Design

Clare Simpson

Colour and tactility are the two most important aspects of my work. I like to explore how colours interact with each other, both in subtle tonal shifts and contrasting colour combinations, and to build up surface texture to create textiles that are appealing both to the eye and to the touch.

Embroidery offers a limitless breadth of possibilities for creating surface decoration and texture. My approach is rooted in a love of traditional embroidery techniques, and using these as a starting point for experimentation and development.

Arts Thread
Graduate collection
Colour Burst
Project research

Colour Burst

Colour Burst is a collection of colourful and highly tactile textiles for interiors. Inspired by the interplay of the natural and man made in urban environments, the collection aims to echo the way that plant life can soften the hard structures of the urban fabric.

Project research

The inspiration for my project came from observing how nature interacts with the urban environment, and in particular the way that plants find their way through gaps in the city’s built structures.

Photography, drawing and colour analysis informed a process of exploring traditional embroidery techniques to develop ways of replicating the interplay between natural, organic and man made, geometric forms.