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Connie Woods Gundry

I wish I had the power to climb inside someone’s brain, but because I don’t, I’ve decided to become an artist and do this in a multimedia format, like a non intrusive surgery. I work in a variety of disciplines, such as – organiser of events, documenter, maker of mobile sculptures, ideas merchant, collaborator, collector of found words and objects. I am reliant on a few mediums: extensive list making, diagrams, writing (rhymes, scripts, stories, etc.) and drawing.

Have you ever wondered about sticking your finger in a plug socket? Well, I am interested in the gap between those two plug sockets in which I can construct an unravelling world. The continual thread is the wire along the floor, leading away from the constructed scene to the points of electricity at the wall. The second source of energy is found in the gap between the sockets, the “artwork”.

Whilst realising my individual logic may be flawed, there is historical and anecdotal relevance to all information collected in my immediate environment. My work is based upon my own wariness of accepted information, and a feeling of my sanity being relevant to my art practice.

This is more of an invitation, than an attempt to set these narratives in stone. The unreliable narrator, the court jester, the storyteller, the rumour mill… must be respected and included.

instagram: @conniewg

Upskirting an Angel
Information Desk
M&S Ghost Tour
Not in a morbid way, just in a normal way
Snail Walk

Upskirting an Angel

Part of my degree show instillation, 2024.

Wooden ladder found near Cowcaddens, motorised copper weathervane with mussel shells, ceramic foot, plastic mobile phone, angel with sewn wings. Upskirting hand made from found copper pipe, papier mache, and defunct iphone.

Wooden ladder found near Cowcaddens, motorised copper weathervane, ceramic foot, plastic mobile phone, angel with sewn wings.

'Upskirting an Angel' instillation view, shown in degree show, 2024.

Information Desk

Part of my degree show instillation (2024), which revolves around a desk manned by myself. I will be writing throughout the week of the show being open, adding to a ceramic ring binder titled “Artisan Cigarettes by John Armitage”. Viewers are invited to read aloud or listen to these short stories, poems and thoughts, placing them on the overhead projector.

The desk consists of a shop style countertop and shelves, displaying ceramic cups. There are bone hooks, holding scissors and the attendant’s uniform. Desk opening hours vary (read Signs). It is usually manned by the attendant. Badges and writings will be made and distributed here. There are various sculptures in the room, including a tower made from bones and ‘Upskirting an Angel’, which serve to illustrate the writings.


Information Desk, instillation view in degree show, 2024.


'Large aspirational coffee cup', part of a collection of ceramic coffee cups on display.

Ceramic scissors hanging on bone hooks.

Myself in costume as the desk attendant, showing an example work on the projector. The dress reads "Can I be of service to you?"

Information Desk, sponsored by ‘Performance’ crisps

A-board found on Sauchiehall Street, drawn and papered onto.

'Artisan Cigarettes by John Armitage', a ceramic ring binder holding writing by myself.

M&S Ghost Tour

Performance event taking place on 29/2/2024, on the last night of the Sauchiehall Street M&S being used as an artists’ studio.

It was around an hour long and approximately 25 people attended. A live performance, then documented in a subsequent publication (this is for sale in my degree show space). I played a fictional “Ghostkeeper” who met the attendees at the back entrance of the M&S, and led them on a narrative-historical ghost tour of the building. Along the way, we met ghosts who brought to life the characters of M&S’ imagined past. The ghosts were played by peers, for example – Laurie as ‘The Outlawed Carrier Bag’. All of the characters appear in the short story in the publication, which weaves together a fiction, inspired by some actual history of the M&S and surrounding Sauchiehall Street area, and the first person perspective of the “Ghostkeeper”.

Mila as 'The Retail Dreamer' in the M&S ladies changing rooms.

Myself as the 'Ghostkeeper', guiding the attendees through M&S.

Finlay as 'Mark Spencer - the Generally Stressed Manager'.

Mike as 'Mike Hill the Butcher' in the refrigeration unit.

Poster for the performance night.

'Ghost Dog'

The cast in costume.

Mike Hill the Butcher and Sue the Demonic Dinner Lady.

Liv as 'Sue the Demonic Dinner Lady' in the staff canteen.

Oliver as 'O-li-vert'

Not in a morbid way, just in a normal way

As part of my degree show instillation, 2024.

A tower constructed from bones and shells, sourced from local butchers and restaurants (notably, The Golden Trawler in Chinatown nr. Stow). Flag from plant and sanitary disposal bag, model trees from matchboxes, grape stems, and lichen. The sound of ‘Bone Song’ emanates from the tower, sung by Connie, Laurie, Tamsin and Ruby.

Snail Walk


Performance with mobile papier-mache sculpture, to be pushed or sat inside. This walk was from Stow College to Queen Street Station and back. The shell has multiple purposes, to transport materials or people, with antennae that carry sound from the outside to the inside. Alternatively, it is as a protective environment for the maker, and a space for dark and quiet.

Crossing at the lights.

Ruby, Liv and Laurie with the snail on Rose Street.