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Cora Weiss


Cora Weiss (b.2000) is a multi-disciplinary artist from the MFA (2022-24) at Glasgow School of Art, with a BA in Fine Art (First Class) from Newcastle University in 2022. Noteable shows include Chaos Reigns at David Dale Gallery Warehouse, Swatched x Blush at the Pipe Factory, and HFBK x GSA in Hamburg (2023).

Weiss is developing an interface between painting, photography, print and writing. She creates curated melodies of image-fragments, presenting translations across media that comment on our growing insensitivities to reading images.  This interface revolves around the desire to see all at once. Her current project <TEMPO!> explores links between time, style and referencing. Anime and the guiding force of music take centre stage.




>>Backstage, the artist continuously moves and adjusts the placement of images, so that, at some point, they click together correctly, with the right imbalance of harmony and dissonance. Music provides a changing sound-track to these adjustments. This iteration of ‘Tempo!’ is based on the musical and anime influences of 2024 so far on the artist, and so is intended as an honest reflection of their inner world. Rigorous editing will have cut down this honesty. >>

A melodic interface between different modes of image-making and value-attaching. It presents an attempt to break apart a creative core, or rather, a break-core methodology imposed onto images.

>>Carefully deciding on which notes to use. Which melody to play. A mixtape of images. Soft and sharp, slow and fast. Like pressing piano keys, I choose which images to activate. Cherub beats. Precision and flow. Rushes to~ A Warburgian network of media references. Devoured by the urge to create. The desire to reference, to point inward and outward simultaneously. What does it mean to categorise and give value to things? Torn between the desire to take time and to express with urgency.

Locked up thoughts_Lotus Depth

Point against point, image against image, feeling against feeling. Expressing and polishing. Images as rhythm-making devices. Hit the notes on their heads, the feelings disperse around the nails in the wall. Simply installed, decided with difficulty. You might be able to call it fragments of life force>>



Oil on canvas, photo-etchings, digital prints, 2024.

Studio shot, March 2024.

Backstage Pass

oil on canvas, 67x56cm, 2024.


Photo-etchings, 9.5x12cm each.


Oil on canvas, 60x72cm

Detail of Diablo_Late Summer, oil on canvas

Hypochrondriac_glaive to brakence pipeline

Oil on canvas, 66x49cm, 2024.

Bloom Space

Includes oil on canvas, photo etchings and a digital print.



Bloom Space