School of Fine Art Sculpture & Environmental Art

Duncan Colquhoun (he/him)

Showing Picture Day at the 2022 Degree Show.

Prints and tea-towels of the school photo made to order from points of contact and on form at Stow. Enquire here:

Picture Day

Picture Day

Picture Day is an installation which centres around a ‘school picture’, in lieu of prior examples of those held at the GSA Archive in The Whisky Bond. Graduating GSA students across disciplines were invited to attend a group photograph in May of this year, on the steps of Garnethill Park (substituting the steps of the Mackintosh building). This photograph was then developed and printed onto cotton fabric, and suspended in a free-standing steel frame. It is accompanied by an ‘identification key’ with the outlines and names of everyone featured etched into a clear acrylic pane, also fitted into its own steel frame.

This work is intended as a celebration of the fellowship between students, as well as an evocation of the archive itself; the processes of its making harken back to those of prior photos, and the ‘key’ itself references the archival procedure of identifying the students in them.

The installation can be viewed at the 2022 GSA Degree Show, and viewers are invited to walk between the frames as the key superimposes upon the photo from a certain angle. The photo will be available as prints and as tea-towels made to order- requests and enquiries for these can be made on a form at the show, or via email (


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