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Eilidh Bell

Go Rest High on that Mountain

Go Rest High on that Mountain

Creating this work has been a long and difficult process for me. The work is all based around the loss of my grandpa last year. He was my favourite person in the world and I don’t remember a time he wasn’t there. Through landscape photography and writing I express the emotions of grief and coming to terms with this loss. The images help guide you along the story and create a sense of knowing and peace within the work. Whilst it is very personal I believe everyone can relate on a level as we have all dealt with our own type of loss.
The photographic prints are a mix of digital and darkroom work but all black and white. They were shot the week I heard my grandpa had passed so these images have much more meaning to myself. The project began with large and very intense pieces of work but over time as I came to terms with it all my work also became softer and more gentle. That is how I want to remember my grandpa.
The text tells stories of my thoughts and memories and questions I play over and over in my mind.



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For Sale: £100