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Warped Studios

Warped Studios




‘Warped Studios’ was inspired by my experience working as an independent designer within the textiles industry and was conceptualised with the aim of tackling the waste crisis. The fashion and textiles industry is notoriously unsustainable, which led me to question all elements of my design process and how I can become more sustainable in my practices. When researching, I reached out to other designers working within the industry and quickly learnt that they were facing the same issues as myself, with very little resources or spaces available to educate and help tackle this issue. And so ‘Warped Studios’ was born.

With sustainable practice as a catalyst for this project, the centre aims to educate on how to be less wasteful as well as championing independent designers who are paving the way for the fashion and textiles industry and protesting against fast fashion. The space will host live panel talks, up-cycling workshops and swap shops as well as business talks to inform and inspire the general public if they want to start their own businesses or simply become more sustainable in their every day lives.

The project works closely with creators and their needs to make this design process more accessible to the public and fashion enthusiasts.

The stand out design element in this space is the cobalt blue chute, which will be used to transport waste and donated materials through the building and to the design floor, ready for the designers to give the materials a new lease of life.

By Elin Peters

instagram: @by.elindesign



Isometric View

Isometric view of 'Warped Studios'

Activity in the space

Hierarchy of floors as you travel vertically up the space


Exterior of Warped Studios

Exterior branding

Branding outside Warped Studios

Ground floor - Retail

Visual of retail space on the ground floor of 'Warped Studios'

First floor

First floor work desks

Second floor

Storage system for private studio members


Floor 3 & 4. Section of the 3rd floor and mezzanine

Consultation area

Consultation area as user gets to 3rd floor.

View of mezzanine

View of mezzanine and 3rd floor