MSA Stage 3 School of Architecture

Elisa Pierrisnard (she/they)

Glasgow Culinary Institute

Glasgow Culinary Institute

Bringing together the community of North Glasow, the Glasgow Culinary Institue provides a hub to exchange knowledge skills and experiences.

The site will operate in conjunction with Anniesland Vertical Farm, who’s location along the canal network prives viable access and transportation of produce along the canal landscape. The Institute is composed of 3 facilities, the primary Academia building for the students, the Community Hub for the public and the Residence to accommodate the students.


The proposal values the theme of interconnectedness; geographically and individually. Black Walnut and Scottish Oak timber cladding provides a contemporary twist on the existing context and culture. Paired with dense concrete blocks and sun- breakers amongst the various environmental strategies implemented, the proposal enables natural heat to be maximised and prioritises energy efficiency throughout the campus. Landscaping and existing routes allows for a natural flow of pedestrians through the site and connects the campus to the city centre as well as the rest of the canal network.

Texture Collage

Programme of Accomodation

Site Massing 1:2500

Master Plan 1:1000

Floor Plan 2m above Canal

Floor Plan 8m above Canal

Floor Plan 12m above Canal

Roof Plan 16m above Canal

North Elevation

East Elevation

South Elevation

West Elevation

Section AA

Section BB

Section CC

Section DD

Perspective Cross-Section

Perspective Section BB

Community Hub GF

Community Hub FF

Academia Building GF

Academia Building FF

Residence GF

Residence FF

Internal View of Cafe

Internal View of Academia Building

Internal View of Food Processing Hall

Internal View of Learning Kitchen

Internal View of Residence

Internal View of Residence Living and Dining

Exploded Axonometric Detail

Central Plaza View

Elevation 1:50

Section Detail 1:50

Farmer's Market