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Elsie Coyle


Collaborative Work
Collaborative Upholstery Project


My project is based upon remnants and natural processes, motivated by my fascination with ‘what was once there’ in urban and natural settings; found objects, shadows and stillness.I have explored the remains of things, utilising used and found materials to create new forms and textures that mirror the original context of the objects.

I aim to evoke the feelings from my initial research, using simple materials and colour, pared with the more unconventional. This juxtaposition of materials became an important focus within my final collection, sourcing offcut and recycled materials being a key part of my process. This reflected the initial basis of my project, returning to material objects and discarded materials found in my surroundings to inform my collection of interior environments and garment details.


Collaborative Upholstery Project

This project develops conceptual and material ideas formed in our studio projects, consolidated in the reupholstery of a collection of chairs. United by our interests in geometric and architectural imagery, we combine Jaz’s colourful and graphic knitting with Elsie’s tonal, material-based approaches to fabric embellishment. Sourcing the chairs from an architectural salvage yard and using 100% deadstock yarns and found materials, we sought to give these pieces a new life.

Chair 1

Chair 1

Chair 2

Chair 3

Chair 4

Chair 5

Chair 6

Chair 7