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Emily Garrett (She/Her)

Florals In The City

Capturing the delicacies of florals found within the city, my collection takes inspiration from the hidden pockets of vibrant blossoms seen within the urban environment. The soft shapes and intricate details of flowers are emphasised against the surfaces of buildings, creating an interesting juxtaposition of natural and man-made elements. The fragility of florals is reflected throughout the collection, which highlights the soft textures and complex forms. By taking a hand painted design approach, my textile collection captures this softness through textural brush marks, conveying a sense of life and movement and giving each textile a sense of depth and character. Combining patterned florals with coloured stripes reflect the environment of which these elements were found. By incorporating these elements together, I have created a vibrant range of printed textiles which celebrates the beauty of the natural world, even if found in the midst of the city. These printed textiles are intended to be used within the home as interiors. This includes bedding, wallpaper, cushions, curtains, and other interior accessories. There is also a focus on kitchen accessories. I have explored hand painted techniques with procion MX and disperse dyes whilst also looking at pigments and screen printing. However, this printed collection has mainly been digitally printed, which I have found to be the best way to capture the vibrant colours and hand painted element of my designs. The main fabrics used are Cotton Satin Light, Bainbridge, Organza, Cotton Satin and Moyard. These fabrics offer a range of weights textures and base colours which reflect the many types of interior products they are intended for.


Florals In The City

Florals In The City

Floral Painting

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