Prize Winner

RSA New Contemporaries, The Steven Campbell Hunt Medal

Painting & Printmaking School of Fine Art

Erin Mcphee

My practice explores the people in my life and the relationships we have with one another. Often referencing family memorabilia and my photographs, I take these images and create honest, more emotional depictions. I use various media types, but I often turn to paint as its fluidity allows me to make more honest and sincere marks.

Exploring figurative artists such as Chantal Joffe and Marlene Dumas, I aim to capture my images honestly and sincerely, unafraid of the marks I make.
Primarily working in oil paint, I use large brushes to cover the surface quickly, sometimes mixing directly on the surface. Very fluid and raw, I do not intend for my work to be detailed and insightful but rather to have enough information for the viewer to understand what they see.

My process for approaching and creating a body of work is the same each time. Each work is linked directly to me because I have made each work, and each image contains someone who has crossed paths with me. These links make the work autobiographical, but I do not wish for my viewers to think of the work like this; I want the audience to see moments from their own lives reflected within the work, to capture all the emotional turmoil from whatever moment they can connect with from their own lives.

As time progresses, my inspiration and source imagery continue to grow as time goes on and new relations bloom. As I explore my life, I call upon my viewers to do the same thing. I want them to reflect on their own lives and relive the moments that mean something to them, not look for clues about my life but rather their own.

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First Christmas

Oil on Canvas, 156x80cm
For Sale: £800

Leah in her school shirt

Oil on Canvas, 200x100cm
For Sale: £1100

Best Friends

Oil on Canvas, 30x40cm
For Sale: £450


Ink on Paper, 21 x 29.7cm
For Sale: £60


Ink on Paper, 21 x 29.7cm
For Sale: £60


Oil on Canvas, 20x30cm
For Sale: £250


Oil on Canvas, 80x80cm
For Sale: £700


Oil on Canvas, 30x40cm
For Sale: £450

Oh Baby

Acrylic on Paper
For Sale: £250

Four years old

Oil on Canvas, 100x100cm
For Sale: £1500