MSA Stage 4 School of Architecture

Eser Zeynep Tezel

community hub, contemporary rituals center, sensory experience, materiality, shared experience

As an international student living abroad, my architectural journey is influenced by the diverse cultures and environments I have experienced adapting to. My appreciation for architecture as a universal language that transcends borders to bring people together is deepened by this experience, and I approach architecture, in its essence, as a dialogue between space and human experience.
My work seeks to explore this dialogue while creating spaces that foster connection, understanding, and community. Motivated by the symbiotic relationship between human characteristics such as gender, race, sexuality, ability, and the city, I aim to design inclusive environments that resonate with a wide range of human experiences.
Both Urban Building – Contemporary Rituals Centre and Urban Housing – Green Bonds projects recognize that spoken language is not always sufficient for communication and endeavour to craft a multicultural language through shared experience.
I have a particular interest in materiality and sensory architecture, focusing on the play of light, texture and volume in space, as well as the use of traditional materials. I believe immersive spaces that engage with all senses and their environment when given symbolic intent become modern spaces of rituals which hold power to evoke deep emotional responses; for this instance, a sense of belonging and living in agreement.

Contemporary Rituals Centre
Green Bonds: Cultivating Connections in Shared Green Spaces
community hub, contemporary rituals center, sensory experience, materiality, shared experience

Contemporary Rituals Centre

Contemporary Rituals Centre is a multicultural and generational arts and crafts centre located in one of the landmarks of Pollokshields: The Bowling Green. The proposal acknowledges that spoken language is not always enough when it comes to communication; therefore offers a range of sensory activities to enhance exchange at tangible and intangible levels. More than a physical structure, the new Contemporary Rituals Centre is a safe haven where culture, community, and communication converge in a celebration of the senses.

The programme offers an activity for each sensory organ while guiding its visitors to an immersive experience. The unfolding scent of flowers mixed with the inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the transcending journey of the light through the spine against the play of light and shadow in different corners of the building, the connecting feeling of natural and traditional materials such as wood, thatch versus the grounding texture of fibre cement – all conpire to create a sense of belonging to each other, to nature and to one’s mind, body and soul through elevation of visceral response.

But the vision extends beyond mere sensory stimulation. As the link between the growing and selling activities to a nest for sharing and learning, the new building welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives and promotes a sense of unity and belonging, feeding into the site’s history of solidarity through the creation of a multicultural language: shared experience.

Perhaps the daily rituals we build, from the simple act of sharing food to dancing, learning, and performing together, are the very threads that weave the fabric of our collective identity.







1:1000 SITE PLAN


Green Bonds: Cultivating Connections in Shared Green Spaces

Green bonds is a housing project that proposes a transformative approach centred on retrofitting shared spaces and promoting growing activities. Located in Pollokshields, one of Glasgow’s most culturally & socially diverse areas, the project aims to cultivate an inclusive, circular, and environmentally conscious neighbourhood that celebrates diversity and sustainability. From the lack of neutral communal & green spaces to the inattention to diversity in housing types, the current housing cycle of Pollokshields has led to a disconnected neighbourhood and a sense of isolation among residents. The housing proposal is tailored to the needs of Pollokshields to optimize the impact on community experience through minimal housing-scale initiatives with maximal outcomes. Dedicated to the reduce, reuse, and repair principles of circular economy, the project advocates for diverse unit types to accommodate different groups of families in response to the demographics of Pollokshields while introducing repair cafe/workshop spaces directed towards upskilling residents in repairing gardening items and promoting food production. Redefining the boundaries between public vs. private, active ground floors that provide connection and engagement to the proposed Albert Drive street market, alongside enhanced green spaces through social balcony extensions and flexible housing designs, encourages cultural exchange to address feelings of isolation. Motivated by the exploration of what is living in agreement, beyond physical spaces, Green Bonds is about breaking down barriers and forging connections. In a world where isolation is all too common, Green Bonds dares to ask: What if housing could be more than just shelter? What if repairing and repurposing items together fosters a sense of belonging and purpose? What if growing and sharing food together is the catalyst of community resilience?