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Eva McStay

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Scéalta – Scent Stories.

Scéalta – Scent Stories.

For my self initiated project I explored the connection between memory and scent and created an olfactory platform called ‘Scéalta’ which means stories in Irish. Inspired by ‘Proust Effect,’ a phenomenon in which specific scents evoke vivid recollections of past experiences, moments, or locations. My brand encourages customers to harness this natural phenomenon through the creation of bespoke scents, with the help of  an local independent perfumer. This takes place prior to a chosen event or time frame. Once a customer has created a scent they like, they will use the scent during an occasion to ‘scent profile’ the experience. This allows for enhanced memories of the event(s) when the smell is experienced in the future. What makes Scéalta unique is the commitment to fostering mutually beneficial relationships between customers and perfumers, bridging the gap to make the creation of bespoke scents more accessible, while supporting local business. The ‘Scéalta’ platform offers vibrant community where individuals also have the opportunity to purchase scents created by others.
This alternative to buying from big perfume houses provides a more personalised, experiential, and economically viable alternative to mass-produced scents while contributing to a more ethical and environmentally friendly fragrance industry.

All fragrances were kindly created and supplied by PocketScents UK.


This project was in response to a speculative brief, which asked us to explore ‘Future Working Habitats’ in the year 2033. My outcome- ‘Culture10’ is a design agency that specialises in improving workplace culture. The collaborative team of 10 designers, technology experts, and social scientists, formulate a tailored strategy to curate the work culture of the specific clients organisation.
In many workplaces, the challenge is not a shortage of talent or resources but rather a deficiency in fostering a positive culture and every organisation has a culture, either by default or by design. Cultivating a thriving culture demands deliberate intention- intentionally designed cultures not only increased employee engagement but also delivered stronger business results. The C10 Team view designing workplace culture as an iterative and ongoing process, to achieve the right conditions for people to do their best work.  C10’s unique approach portrays data through a colour gradient system measured against five distinct success indicators and creates an ecology health rating of the entire workplace to foster a holistic perspective and collective responsibility for the company culture. To create a more sustainable and harmonious 2033 workplace vision.