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Eve Lee


Hello! I’m Eve, a recent graduate from the Glasgow School of Art, where I specialized in textiles. My journey through this vibrant and creative field has equipped me with a deep appreciation for the intricate art of fabric design and production. I’m excited to embark on new adventures, bringing my passion for innovative patterns and sustainable practices into the world of textiles.

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Nostalgia: The connection and remembrance of what has gone before
Complementary Project

Nostalgia: The connection and remembrance of what has gone before

This collection is inspired by my personal aspiration to turn the ‘discarded’, into a vehicle of unspoken story-telling. This romantic view of the past has been ingrained in me, as a child being in awe of materials which serve as a placeholder to a pocket of time, the subtle remainder of lost generations is for me, a form of decoration that often undermines the cracks and decay of reality. My process develops through mixed collage methods using a variety of techniques combining digital techniques, contrasting traditional methods of stitched embroidery. This collection is intended to be worn, offering a new life to pre-existing materials and giving a sense of value to something that was one considered waste. It is love letter to the future, that will forever go unsigned.

Complementary Project

For my complementary project I have created a series of compositional embroidery pieces that convey stories of the past and draw inspiration from millenarian medals, embroideries and flags. Additionally, I have explored, the conveyed status employed by them as indicators of achievement and how they can be re-imagined today as celebrations of aesthetic and beauty, without all the meritocracies.
They are intended to be enjoyed on the walls of interiors as a modern take on tapestries.