School of Fine Art Sculpture & Environmental Art

Eve Ross


Throughout my work, I try to understand the complexities
of interactions and use the setting of the home as a
grounding point for my practice. Using repetitive making
techniques to represent the monotony of daily tasks.

I am driven by my home rituals, daily tasks, and routines
that are often disregarded. I find that I am repeatedly
trying to find importance and meaning in the mundane. I
am interested in the patterns of the day-to-day, domestic
settings, and the casual interactions found between
bodies and objects. Using systematic approaches such as
photography and casting to create true representations of
the objects and utilising curation to create installations with these quiet works and provoke questions
rather than provide answers.

My practice continues to develop the more I note these
small moments and grow as I find new ways to articulate
the beauty in them.

Mundane Making: Keys
An Ear-y production line
Keeping Tabs: Crochet

Mundane Making: Keys

Work from Degree Show 2024. Cast Jesmonite keys, hung on Key hooks resembling belt loops.

Considering this object’s ties to power/authority, function, and queerness.

Installation shot from degree show 2024. Ft. window cleaner note
Development, Sink Space, 2024
Degree Show Installation, 2024, (Mundane Making/Queered Thinking)
Detail Shot, Wine stains.

An Ear-y production line

A collection of works centered around sculpted stoneware ‘ears’.

'an ear-y production line'

Stoneware, 2024
"lend an ear"
Stoneware Mugs, 2024

Keeping Tabs: Crochet

Degree Show. Filet crochet hung to dry on pulley. Accompanying prints of diagrams, highlighting the coded language in the material. Supporting text:

Grid-like crochet allowing light to pass through.
Framed by the windows, they read almost like lace curtains, thicker wool but maintaining that transparent quality.
As material,
they act as table runners or chair covers.
protective yet decorative
ready to soak up spills

Their pattern, a code of mundane, repetitive tasks. A locking and unlocking, tying and untying.
Cycles and dualities of everyday actions
Structure/pillars/bones of the day.

This consideration of objects,
An attentiveness to these quiet patterns,
Revelling in repetition.

Degree Show 2024 Install view. 'Coded Crochet' Installed on Pulley. 6pm Lights casting shadows in the space.
Tie/Untie Crochet Pattern, Riso, 2024
'Tallys', Print, 2024
'Cycles', Crochet Pattern Riso, 2024
'6pm Drawing', Altered window cleaner note, 2024