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Evie Peat


I am extremely passionate about colour and its role within the design process, and have combined this with my interest in developing unconventional knitted structures. I am continually inspired by music and films, using them as way to drive my ideas forward while imagining them in that kind of context. Furthermore, an important part of my practise is considering responsible design, using donated/collected materials which may have otherwise been discarded.

Are there still beautiful things?
Like a Pattern

Are there still beautiful things?

The focus for my collection of knitted textiles is a playful investigation into colour theory resulting in quirky, tactile fabrics for a fashion context. Undertaking exhaustive colour research taking family ephemera as a starting point, I gathered other sources, studying Taylor Swift’s lyrics and visually responding to her narrative through colour.  This immersive colour exploration also directed my research into film, journals and websites focused on colour trends. Colour matching threads and yarns became a priority – critically translating each hue and saturation prior to knitting, putting key colours to considered palettes.

The concept of cocooning the body in colour become the underlying direction of my sampling, creating unconventional forms and extruded rounded shapes using a combination of knit techniques and enclosing found materials within the knit structure. My final collection of samples have a tactile, quilted aesthetic that distorts the silhouette of the body whilst boldly and confidently juxtaposing colour and pattern.

Like a Pattern

In contrast to my main project, my additional portfolio explores a diluted palette of colour and graphic pattern to an additional element into my overall portfolio of work. An idea I have always been intrigued by is clashing patterns, I wanted to experiment in this using similar stuffed knitted structures which could be used to alter a silhouette.