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Finlay Bourke

Hello! My name is Finlay Bourke and I am a graduating student of the Immersive Systems 3D Modelling course. In this showreel, you can see the work I did in my 4th and final year at the GSA, as well as future works that I have undertaken with the skills and experience I have acquired from being at the GSA.

I take inspiration ranging from the media I consume to the simple things I observe in daily life. To me, everything can be a form of inspiration, some things more useful than others, but the usefulness of viewing life as gaining some form of inspiration is a key part of my practice. I also love games, FromSoftware’s Dark Souls and Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls are big stand outs to me, as their richness and art style speaks to me.

I hope you enjoy what you see here, and if you do, you can check out my social media where I include more of my works ranging from 2D artwork to 3D.

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The Pardoned Knight – 3D/2D Character Work
Materna – Environmental Storytelling
Future Works

The Pardoned Knight – 3D/2D Character Work

“The Pardoned Knight” is a 3D character that I personally developed, from the initial concept to the intricate phases of 3D modelling and texturing. This character drew inspiration from games such as Dark Souls, one of my all-time favourite games.

During the concepting phase, I delved into the character’s background and personality, I wanted to have a character who looked armed but could also be agile and dexterous too. Through sketches, references, and iterations, I refined the design, incorporating elements reminiscent of medieval knights while infusing it with elements seen in the fantasy genre.

Through this creative journey, “The Pardoned Knight” transformed from a mere concept into a fully realised 3D character. With a captivating backstory, meticulously sculpted form, and intricately textured armor, the Pardoned Knight stands ready to embark on epic quests and engage viewers with its captivating presence. This project helped me immensely in developing my 3D skills, from the making of the mesh to the texturing of the character, and has allowed me to create newer characters and projects of similar quality.






The Pardoned Knight - 3D Sketchfab Inspection

Materna – Environmental Storytelling

This was my dissertation project, which delved into the ideas behind fear and how developers use this emotion in virtual environments. From the research, I created a short Unity horror experience that focuses on eliciting fear in the player.

The game is available to play by anyone over on, an indie development platform. A very surprising but positive aspect that came from this project was it’s surge in popularity over on itch, in which many players gave lots of valuable feedback for future iterations of the game.

Materna In-game Screenshot 01

Materna In-Game Screenshot 02

Materna In-game Screenshot 03

Materna Game Page

Future Works

These are some of the works that I have been able to create through the skills and experience I have made in the GSA.

These projects include; The Mask of Makarith, The Knight of the Golden Vine, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Imperial Merchant (Fan Art), and Daedric Crescent (Fan Art).

These works range from original concepts and art I have made since finishing up my GSA work, as well as some fan-work of other games I love. You can get a much better look at all of these projects on my ArtStation, the link is included on this page.

Environment Screenshot 01

Environment Screenshot 02

Environment Screenshot 03

Environment Screenshot 04

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Imperial Merchant (Fan Art)

Knight of the Golden Vine Render

Knight of the Golden Vine Sketchfab

Mask of Makarith Render 01

Mask of Makarith Render 02

Daedric Crescent Render

Daedric Crescent Views