MSA Stage 4 School of Architecture

Florence Hanley (She/Her)

‘The Ceilidh Place’

‘The Ceilidh Place’


Creating a place, not apart of productive society, but apart of civil life, where the local community, citizens of the wider city and even visitors can share a cultural experience rooted in tradition. A place that represents ‘festive engagement’; the appeal of dance acts as an invitation to the public, yet not only is it an enjoyable shared performance, a ‘ceilidh’ provides opportunity for social interaction and is underpinned by wider benefits through gathering, talking and sharing.


This is not a ‘new model’ of urban exchange, but a traditional and under appreciated one. Ceilidh’s have been around for generations in Scotland and have provided time to story-tell, sing and dance, and create important bonds within communities. By creating a recognisable ‘civic’ front, the building will make a public address and draw those in who are passing by. The mission of this institution is to act as an ‘alive archive’ of Scottish cultural remembrance and preservation, whilst reaping the benefits of the ‘Ceilidh’ for current generations.