Prize Winner

RSA New Contemporaries

School of Fine Art Sculpture & Environmental Art

Francesca-Grace Cecilia Cairns


I am a Queer, Catholic, Glaswegian artist based in Glasgow.

My work explores the complexities of the intertwining relationship of these attributes. Painful, Joyful, Prideful, Heavy, and extremely confusing.

I do this through a multitude of media, preferring not to limit myself to any specific one.
In doing this I use whatever materials feel will correctly display the emotional complexities that arise when exploring religion and sexuality.
However, as much as I will not limit my media exploration, I have found myself to be continuously drawn to communicative media, such as audio, spoken work, and text. These, as I have explored, allow me to delve into the rich and powerful aspect of story telling. Taking back the narrative through speaking my own experiences, and having others (viewers) experience them.

In order to further achieve this, my work finalises itself as installation pieces, very much creating an immersive experience for the viewer. In this I attempt to have them understand mine and many other peoples similar experiences.

in this past year, as you can see through my work, I have become increasingly interested in metalwork, exploring how I can utilise it in my work. The exploration of this has allowed me to realise my most recent work, β€˜The Fine Line between Sex and Devil Worship- Vol 3’ in which I explore sexuality and religion through surveillance. The impact this has on queerness, and how the church utilises surveillance in order to achieve maximum control over parishioners.

i have found much inspiration from the processes of working with metal and I will continue to carry this, as I have text, and spoken word, throughout my work.


Fran πŸ™‚


The Fine Line between Sex and Devil Worship-vol 3