Innovation & Technology Product Design

Gareth Donaldson


As a designer and maker, I’m fascinated by the convergence of circularity and speculative design. Through my work, I aim to embody the principle of reciprocity, by focusing on the intersection between innovation and environmental sustainability. I find research and systems design captivating, this intrigue has lead me to explore the intricate relationship between creation and waste. I am a devoted maker, constantly experimenting and exploring new methods of creating through technology. I believe that knowledge and social responsibility are at the core of good craft.

Analogue Intelligence
Future Working Habitat

Analogue Intelligence

A portrait of the Glasgow School of Art through its waste.

Analogue intelligence is a culture of circular making at the Glasgow School of Art.

It consists of a system which connects waste materials between workshops and students. The system takes the form of a booklet and waste map that highlight the collaborative opportunities for school-wide resource sharing, encouraging discussion about product impermanence and material accountability.

A series of artefacts represent each facet of the GSA – art, design and the workshops, serving as exemplar objects for the opportunities of waste streams, signifying beauty and abundance in waste. In doing so, it challenges convention by providing a social commentary on the pay-to-win mentality of the art school.

Analogue intelligence is also a yearly exhibition showcasing waste material artefacts that prioritise play and creativity. The exhibition is concluded in a dismantling ceremony where participants de-construct their work and return materials to the waste hubs, emphasising circularity.



“This is the most beautiful the void space has ever looked”

- Scott Crawford, Workshop and Studio Assistant.

Future Working Habitat

In our world, holism is at the forefront of civilization. The future of working is no longer confined to the traditional 9-5 schedule but instead synchronises with the natural cycle of the seasons and individuals circadian rhythms, fostering a deep and interconnected relationship between society and the environment.

Automation has brought about an increased need for new jobs, prompting rapid skill-based learning that encompasses a wide range of expertise through collaboration.

In the realm of our future habitats, fast-construction practices have been replaced with a sustainable, enduring approach. These habitats are designed to be wildlife-friendly, allowing humans and other species to co-inhabit harmoniously. The focus is on creating ecologically balanced working spaces that offer planetary compensation, emphasising the shared responsibility of humanity for the well-being of both people and the Earth.


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