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Haoran Cao

Undetected change
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Undetected change

Undetectable Changes is an immersive experience that demonstrates subtle changes in mental states through virtual reality (VR) technology. In this project, the viewer observes subtle changes in the surrounding environment and objects, such as plants withering away, sofas changing colour and books going from new to worn out. These changes are designed to be slow and unnoticeable, aiming to symbolise the gradual evolution of mental states, reflecting the fact that mental health problems are often difficult to notice in their early stages. In this way, the project hopes to help the viewer gain a deeper understanding of the importance of mental health and to raise awareness of mental illness.

Degree show VR scene

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This is a Virtual Reality (VR) project exploring state of mind. Through Head Mounted Display (HMD), and a realtime 3D scene, the work explores different perspectives and perception of the world around us. Using Unity Game Engine (RTGE) two contrasting spaces present how these perspectives can shift from relaxed, content and comfortable to something altogether different and how the root cause of this shift may not always make sense. I hope to provoke the audience to consider their relationship with and understanding of mental health and potentially see things from another point of view.

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VR good room scene

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