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Haroon Khan


A passionate product designer with a knack for blending creativity with functionality to craft exceptional user experiences. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of user needs. I thrive in collaborative environments where innovation is encouraged. My goal is to create products that not only delight users but also drive meaningful impact and solve real-world problems.

Luminara Greenscape

Collaborative Work
Future-Working Heritage: Bioscape


Dermatophagia is a compulsive disorder characterized by the repetitive biting or chewing of one’s skin, typically on the fingers and hands. This behaviour often stems from anxiety and stress People with dermatophagia may find temporary relief from biting their skin, but it can lead to physical damage such as cuts, wounds, and scarring. It’s considered a form of body-focused repetitive behaviour (BFRB) and can have a significant impact on an individual’s emotional well-being and daily functioning.

EASE is a project designed to provide comfort and support for those dealing with dermatophagia throughout their daily lives. The range of products aims not to cure the problem but to provide a sense of relief and confidence, allowing individuals to embrace their hands without fear of judgment. With EASE, the aim is to empower individuals to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Each product makes the habit more manageable and less conspicuous, helping to alleviate the embarrassment often associated with visible signs of dermatophagia.

EASE is dedicated to providing understanding and support because everyone deserves to feel comfortable and accepted, no matter what challenges they face.

EASE. Logo

Hand Revive Foundation

To address the need for hiding scars and bite marks caused by dermatophagia, I developed a hand foundation similar to facial foundation. This special foundation not only conceals marks but also aids in healing. It comes in a portable dropper bottle, perfect for carrying in a bag. Available in various colors and skin tones, it offers both discreet coverage and bold, aesthetic options. The colors also remind users not to touch the treated area, allowing it to heal. The foundation can be reapplied as needed, providing a stylish and practical solution for improving confidence in social situations.

Guard Ring

Inspired by friends' concerns about finger-biting, I developed a solution: a protective finger jewelry piece. This accessory prevents nail-biting and promotes healing by encasing cuticles in a protective shell. Designed for easy use, it features a simple on-and-off mechanism for attaching and changing fake nails. Made from gold or silver, it offers personalisation options. Due to my limited jewelry-making experience, I used 3D printing for precise and efficient manufacturing. This finger jewelry merges practicality, elegance, and innovation, addressing a common issue with a stylish and functional design.

Healing Henna

Healing Henna, offers soothing relief while celebrating the beauty and symbolism of henna art. It includes comprehensive instructions for easy application, ensuring users can confidently enjoy its therapeutic benefits. A curated book accompanies the product, exploring the rich history and meanings of various henna designs, allowing users to engage in self-care and connect with cultural traditions. Healing Henna not only provides relief but also fosters community connection and understanding. The natural anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and skin-regenerative properties of henna help reduce inflammation, prevent infections, and promote healing of damaged skin caused by dermatophagia.

Finger Decals

Inspired by childhood sticker nostalgia and skincare stickers for blemishes, I created tattoo-like stickers to cover bite marks on hands. These stickers offer a fashionable, practical solution, transforming insecurities into trendy fashion statements. The hexagonal design adds visual appeal and symbolizes harmony and balance, reinforcing a positive message in overcoming dermatophagia. The stickers are easily produced by using sticker paper in a printer.
The EASE. products getting displayed on the shelves at John Lewis.
EASE. packaging designed to fit one of the products inside each box.

This is a video of the Guard Ring, from the family of EASE. products, getting used.

Luminara Greenscape

Luminara Greenscape aims to transform urban landscapes by integrating innovative technology with sustainable practices. The aim is straightforward yet profound: instead of traditional street signs, Luminara wants to replace them with geopolymer concrete structures that are covered in bioluminescent lichen. This will result in bright, green spaces that improve our cities’ visual attractiveness and environmental health. Centred around a dedication to community empowerment and involvement, Luminara Greenscape creates significant job possibilities while also improving the aesthetics of our metropolitan areas thanks to the enthusiastic involvement of the local populace. Cultivating a network of Lichen Stewards and Eco-Ambassadors, guarantees the healthy expansion of lichen populations, promoting a more resilient and greener urban environment. Not only does the symbiotic interaction between lichen and geopolymer concrete look good, but it also has important scientific implications. The colour of the lichen changes with air pollution levels, offering a visual representation of the state of the environment. This interactive feature engages communities and motivates the next generation to take up environmental preservation as a powerful teaching tool.

Lichen growing on the geopolymer concrete sign.
A graphic illustration of the geoploymer street sign in the city centre.
This model is a street sign that has been growing lichen.
An artifact showing how lichen growth in the city might look in 2033 could illustrate buildings encouraging lichen to grow on their walls by using geopolymer concrete materials. This would mean that air pollution-indicating lichen would be present on a much larger scale.
Lichen on this street sign glows under UV light, highlighting its presence and adding a unique luminescent touch to the urban environment.

Future-Working Heritage: Bioscape

In 2034, land borders will no longer be defined by humans. Instead, we will live and work within constantly evolving bioregions. The decisions we make will be determined by the natural systems that we live in to ensure that all species are accounted for.

Bioscape will work in conjunction with Glasgow City Council in order to implement natural borders in Glasgow. This grants ecosystems the freedom to be defined by the characteristics of the land and the components of nature that exist within them.

To achieve this, we are enlisting the help of the general public to take responsibility and play a role within our new bioregional city. Each of our projects will promote different ways that people can contribute to improving biodiversity as part of the day-to-day working life.

Our exhibition encourages participants to imagine the environmental changes that would emerge in the near future and the wider impacts on entire ecosystems. Bioscape recognises that there is no perfect balance and as such aids Glasgow in adapting to the dynamic systems of the natural world.

Glasgow Bioregion Map

This video depicts a map of Glasgow's natural landscape that is constantly evolving and adapting over the course of 10 years (now-2034).

Work In Progress Show at the Advanced Research Centre (ARC)

Bioscape Exhibition Entrance

Bioscape Timeline


Group Brainstorming

Mind-Mapping Our Imagined Future World

Future-Working Heritage Group Photo